Bean Slots and Spread

 A Pop-Up Installation featuring Will Raymond, Eben Herrick, Herbert King and Meaghan McAuly

June 3-4, 12-5pm

Reception June 3 5-8pm


Gallery Hours Saturday-Sunday 12-5pm and by appointment

In this pop-up exhibition, sculptor and installation artist Will Raymond explores the psychological and emotional dynamics of families, through an object common to most homes: the kitchen table.

Presenting the kitchen table as a place of gathering, sharing and connection, Raymond also explores the potential for failed communication, distance, and emotional separation. Introducing elements of prison architecture and communication devices, “Prison Table” creates an artificial system of control, in which participants can communicate, but never truly see one another or move from their firmly fixed position.

By sitting within the piece and using the tools provided, viewers become proxies for family members, exploring the experience of enforced separation, the desire for connection, and the possibility of breaking through.

Brothers Will and James Raymond work under the moniker Free Art, a collaboration focused on engaging audiences by constructing environments that welcome art enthusiasts, novices, and even detractors.  By the end of the exhibition, they intend to give away for free any artwork that is not sold.

“We focus on producing pieces that anyone can afford.  The end goal is to eventually make all pieces available to the public for free and allow any artist, no matter their experience, to submit his or her work to our show.”

For Bean Slots and Spread, the Raymond brothers have invited three other artists to exhibit their work.

Eben Herricks’ paintings combine traditional oil painting and urban art techniques. “My work is aimed at expressing various aspects of the human experience by combining realism with abstract patterning and expressive marks. My paintings are meant to be seen as a type of mirror, allowing the viewer to see parts of themselves in the faces of others.”

Meaghan McAuly is a multi medium artist from Braintree, Massachusetts. Her work ranges from videography to painting and tattoo arts. She graduated from Mass College of Art with a major in Film/Video in 2013.