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Opening reception July 21st, 6-9pm

Gallery Hours: 12-6pm Saturdays and Sundays

…and by appointment. Email us at dorchesterartproject@gmail.com.

We received over 80 submissions in response to one of our gallery’s most successful calls for art, Altarations: A Selection of Shrines.  We proudly accepted over half of these proposals; from video installations of sacred rites, to paintings of the subconscious and surreal, to cabinets full of modeled genitalia, to stations of worship for beloved celebrities.  We believe introducing as many perspectives to the conversation as possible will culminate a truly divine experience.

The show will function as a collective shrine to our individual expressions. What do we find holy? As a society we are lacking a common mythology to give our lives spiritual meaning. We all find different ways to fill this void, often channeling family traditions additionally through the lens of time and place. It is our intent to celebrate the endless and conversant interpretations of “shrine” by bringing as many pieces as possible together in one space.

Here is a complete list of artists:

Alex Miklowski
Alexander Kalil
Alexis Agbay
Allen Simon
Allison Tanenhaus
Angel Rose
Anisha Baid
Anna Rock
Avi Weinstein
Brian Huntress
Cai Diluvio
Caitlin Thornbrugh
Calvrett Aninye
Carolina Laredo
Chris DAmore
Christine Hoepfner
Christopher Konopka
Claire Spelkoman
Danielle Robbins
Dena Haden
Duane Gorey
Elizabeth Menges
Elizabeth Noble
Greg Cook
Heather Kapplow
Hilary Emmons
Holly Czapski (Mac & Craft)
Jacob Leidoff
Jessica Caponigro
Jodi Colella
Kae James
Kate Frazer Rego
Katya Popova & Adam Tuch
Kit Collins
Laurel Hoffer
Lilly Dickinson
Maria Molteni
Mary Curtin
Max Razdow
Max Reinhard
Meaghan Greene
Melissa Dole
Miki Kokubo
Minu DaCosta
Nate Tucker
Nirvanna Lildharrie
Nygel Jones
Olivia Portegello
Rebecca Greene
Rebeccah Stromberg
Sarah Dudek
Soyoon Hia Cha
Stacy Mohammed
Tracy Huerta

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