Caught in a Dream

Artists: Melanie Bernier, Emily Brodrick, Isshoni Delva, Dory Dinoto, Samantha Fields, Danielle Freiman, Emily Manning-Mingle, Joetta Maue & Kawandeep Virdee

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The Greatest The Most (video still),  Danielle Freiman, & Diamond within a Square, Emily Manning-Mingle

February 18 – March 26, 2017

Opening Reception: February 18, 6-9pm


Setting Intentions: Contemporary Manifesto Writing: March 18, 1-3pm

Rise Up Mural: February 19, 12-4pm   

Living Trash Free: March 25, 1-3pm

Dreamasana: Community Yoga Class: March 26, 3-4pm

Caught in a Dream transforms the gallery into an inviting, inspiring space that encourages viewers to explore the ways in which artists weave ambitions, memories and desires into their work.  Evoking the Surrealist Movement of the 1920s, when artists created dream-influenced work with the goal of liberating themselves from rational and restrictive thought, Caught in a Dream celebrates the artists’ desire to investigate new possibilities within their practice and to reimagine their world unrestricted by present-day realities.  In reflecting upon the boundaries between craft and fine art, the culture of consumption, the prevalence of technology, crises of capitalism, and the role of identity, the artists engage in meditative processes and radical acts of dreaming.  By these acts they question their present state and generate new possibilities in order to manifest alternate outcomes.

Samantha Fields, Kawandeep Virdee, and Emily Brodrick find creative meaning through innovation, play and experimentation. While working on ambitious processed-based work, Fields, Virdee and Brodrick push the boundaries of their chosen media, creating surreal large-scale pieces that prompt viewers to engage with art in new ways. Isshoni Delva, Joetta Maue, and Emily Manning-Mingle mine their personal histories and memories in order to tell stories about their emotional states and roles within society. Using fiber as inspiration, material and metaphor, Delva, Maue and Manning-Mingle grant access into their intimate living spaces and psychological states. Melanie Bernier, Dory Dinoto and Danielle Freiman create art about and as part of their personal activism. Expanding upon their participation in cultural and political movements, they question social norms, muse about utopian ideas, and envision alternative ways of living.

In dreaming, the artists can connect seemingly disconnected elements and ideas, and explore their deepest desires and fears. Dreams, when embraced, pave the way for creative breakthroughs, intimate expressions of identity, and new realities. Caught in a Dream creates a perpetually active space in which the viewer is invited to join the artists in the process of dreaming.

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream you dream together is a reality.”

– John Lennon

In addition to an opening reception, on Saturday, February 18th from 6-9pm, artists from the show will be hosting a variety of workshops. Workshops are free and open to all ages.

Setting Intentions: Contemporary Manifesto Writing | March 18th, 1-3pm

Join interdisciplinary artist Danielle Freiman for a workshop on setting intentions and drafting a contemporary manifesto. Manifestos can be used to declare personal intentions, define a project or creative practice, and provide a framework for a Big Idea. Participants will have the opportunity to talk about personal and collective intentions for the present/future and draft a Manifesto to keep and share.

Rise Up Mural | February 19, 12-4pm

Elementary art teacher Emily Manning-Mingle will host an afternoon of art-making. Drop in and dream big. Create drawings and paintings in response to motivational quotes and positive prompts. The art and ideas generated during the workshop will be combined to create a mural on the steps leading up to the galleries at the Dorchester Art Project.

Living Trash Free | March 25, 1-3pm

Artist and activist Melanie Bernier has lived “trash-free” since 2013. The waste she and her partner create over a year-long period can fit into a small shoebox. Learn how to practice this daily form of activism and work towards living trash free by making more thoughtful choices about how to use and consume goods.

Dreamasana: Community Yoga Class | March 26th, 3-4:30pm

Certified yoga teacher Emily Manning-Mingle will lead a mindful vinyassa flow. Practice using your dreams to fuel your practice on and off the mat by learning how to set an intention, move through a series of asana poses and release outcomes. The emphasis of the class will be on mindfulness, alignment and breath.

Dorchester Art Project is located at 1486 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester MA, across from Fields Corner Station on the Red Line.

Gallery Hours: Saturday & Sunday 12-5pm, by appointment always