Dorchester Art Project is a community-driven art space in Fields Corner. Our mission is to serve artists in Dorchester, Boston and Greater Boston by providing affordable studio, performance, gallery and community gathering space. We are run by Brain Arts Organization which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and volunteer collective of artists who believe in art centric programming and conscious cultural empowerment.


This Week

Big Black Cloud / ok, Pilocase and Cult Boyfriend

Corrective Measures, A Quadrennial Extra Day To Spend: A Pete Comos Pop Up Exhibition


Cake Factory #32: Local Boston Techno ft. Jonstar, sam23, Jimmy Chan, Minnow

Steph Germaine's Birthday Party !

DAP Movie Night: Carrie (1976) hosted by Janaya



Darien Rectangle (NY), Sundog and friends
Street Kult Records Presents: Gravy Boat Boys ft. Spacewalk Jones & Master Slaps, TZM, LexMo, Street Kult
Get 2 Crit! A Visual Art Community Critique Group hosted by Melissa Ortiz of BASED Art Collective
Get 2 Crit! A Community Art Critique Group! Hosted by Melissa Ortiz of BASED Art Collective


Bars Over Bars presents: Blips In Time ft Greyhound, Hero, Yung Steen, K Bye, Marsini, Amir Maxx, Amedsbeats, Imaxxreal, Sound by PB Kidd
Opening Reception: Queer Body in Ecstasy 7-10pm Free



Harlow Havoc presents: BOP! A Monthly Album Revival Party!
Brain Arts Org Presents: CP UNIT (Brooklyn), Andrea Pensado/Brittany Karlson Duo and The Brookline Community Teen Band
Taxes for Artists: Workshop with Brass Taxes 7-9pm
Synthetic Pleasures Techno Party
LongStoryShort: Leedepee Album Release
Boston Hardcore Presents: Pummel, No Option, Buggin Out, Divided Life, Ill Communication Doors
Brain Arts Org Presents a Two Thangs Workshop: Get Your Thangs Together - How to get from Hobbyist to Professional Artist
Lazorwitz Presents: A Sketch Comedy Extravaganza
Boston Hardcore Presents: Dead Heat, Vantage Point, The Fight, Stigmatism, Rain of Salvation, C-4 Doors
Artist Theater of Boston Showcase

Dorchester Art Project offers multiple spaces for rent. We have gallery, studio, workshop and performance space. We encourage use of our space for showcase events, gatherings, meetings, workshops, parties or whatever else may be needed! We are here for any activity that requires freedom of expression. Email us at to inquire about dates and rates and schedule a tour! Discounts available for Dorchester Residents!

Zine Lib

Dorchester Art Project (DAP) houses a circulating zine library consisting of zines by zine creators from Boston, the greater New England, and beyond! All are welcome to browse the library and check-out zines during DAP’s open hours. Zines in the library range in format and includes zine genres of art, political, music, literary, perzines, fanzines, comic, and compilation zines. Topics include feminism, self-care, mental health, activism, and more. The DAP Zine Library accepts zine donations on an ongoing basis. Donate your zine by mailing it to Dorchester Art Project, 1486 Dorchester Ave Boston, MA 02122 Or stop by and drop off your zine for a zine librarian to catalog and add to the collection. Help us catalog your zine by filling out a cataloging sheet.


Will you book my band at DAP?

Thank you for your interest in playing at Dorchester Art Project! DAP is not a traditional venue and does not have the infrastructure to book and promote all of our shows - most shows/events are rentals planned and hosted by local organizations or bookers or bands that want to book their own show. We set it up this way to serve our nonprofit’s mission of empowering individuals and groups to book and promote their own events. We charge an hourly fee for these rentals to cover the costs of staffing and supporting the space and it is by far the cheapest rate in town as accessibility is part of our mission. However, we understand that this model might not work, therefore we suggest you connect with another band or promoter that is willing to take on the financial risk of booking and promoting a show at DAP (which again is the most affordable place in the entire city of Boston). If you are interested in renting the performance space at DAP to host your own show, please email us at

Can I show my art at DAP?

If you are interested in curating an art show at DAP, reach out to If you are interested in selling your art in the DAP Work/Shop, send pictures of your art to If you are interested in doing a pop up art show in the theater, email and set up a rental.

How can I volunteer at DAP?

We are volunteer-run! If you are interested in volunteering fill out the form at or email

Who runs DAP?

DAP is run by volunteers from Brain Arts Organization, an arts nonprofit for Greater Boston. The official DAP Staff that manages the space is Sam Potrykus, Emma Leavitt, Molly Dower, Sophia Giordano, Nisaa Jackson and Edwin Charles. Beyond that, we have a volunteer base of over 50 folks who do everything from repaint the galleries, take out the trash, scrub the floors, do construction projects, volunteer at events and more!