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Opening reception May 26th, 6-9pm

Gallery Hours: 12-6pm Saturdays and Sundays

…and by appointment. Email dorchesterartproject@gmail.com  *   *   *

Ben K Foley creates mind-bending 3-dimensional illusions using a wide range of recycled and repurposed industrial materials. Analog creations cleverly constructed to move viewers in an overwhelmingly digital world, these simple sculptures create complex interactive visual experiences, often referencing aspects of Zen, numerology, and universal patterns in math and nature. These expressions encourage play and wonder deep within ones perception of space and time.

Currently working in and outside Boston, Ben K Foley has shown work in galleries and museums in the US and Europe, and is honored to have been granted residencies and opportunities for permanent installations both domestically and abroad. BKF’s unique practice as a kinetic light artist began while studying architecture and drafting at Colorado College. He is an affiliate with Collision Collective out of MIT, a founding member of the CartoonLife crew, as well as former administrator of DAP.

Website: www.BenKFoley.com             Instagram: @kid.crystals


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