Jeffandy “AllTogether” St. Hubert

download_20150912_171710We are pleased to present Jeffandy “AllTogether” St. Hubert, performing at the closing reception of our inaugural resident show, Between You and Me, Friday September 18th from 5-7pm.

Jeffandy “AllTogether” St. Hubert is a professional musician and entrepreneur working with local and international acts.  He started music as a seven year old city kid in Boston playing piano for a local church.  In the years that came he added bass and guitar to his arsenal.  Although he had a short stint of lessons while at the New England Conservatory Preparatory High School he attributes most of his music education to the late night Jazz clubs he would sneak into as a child.

Jeffandy shows his natural talent and work ethic in his roles as a musician, producer, entrepreneur, engineer and music director.  When asked how and why he wears all these hats he responds, “I am curious, ambitious and I hate when people say I can’t do it.”  His goal is to cultivate every God given talent and pay it forward by inspiring others to cultivate their gifts.