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We are proud to host Praxis Stage with “Jesus Hopped the ‘A’ Train” this May!
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This five-character play centers on Angel Cruz’s descent into a harsh and hopeless criminal justice system as he awaits trial for his rash act of shooting a religious cult leader in the rear end, in a muddled effort to right the unjust way he sees the cult “steal people,” particularly his best friend, now a convert. Angel’s public defense attorney, Mary Jane, identifies perhaps too much with Angel’s rash act, and consequently allows her own need for redemption to structure the case she presents on his behalf. Add into this world Lucius Jenkins, an incarcerated serial killer with a messianic personality, and two prison guards, Valdez and D’Amico, who have radically different ways of enforcing and breaking the laws of which they are functionaries, and JESUS HOPPED THE ‘A’ TRAIN unfolds as both riotously funny, and as a searingly dramatic rumination on the traumas that consume lives, the search for spiritual meaning, and the way our society routinely disappears its undervalued and unwanted members. The play asks us to confront our notions guilt and forgiveness, damnation and salvation.

Directed by Dayenne C B Walters and Daniel Boudreau

Danny Mourino
Dawn Davis
Daniel Williams
Harry Garo
Daniel Boudreau

Praxis Stage is a new theater company, formed on November 9th, 2016, as a response to the disaster of Trump’s election with the goals of linking theater with activism and producing plays that enter contemporary political crisis points and ongoing cultural conversations.

Praxis Stage: Presenting plays to incite dialogue to foment change.